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Hire elite data science
talent quickly and
at half the cost.

Finding, vetting, and hiring high-quality data
science talent is difficult and expensive.
That’s why we created Pelican Cement.

Pelican Cement provides you with
Data Science as a Service.

There’s a 152,000 person shortage of data science skills in the US alone. Pelican Cement has unparalleled access to 1,000+ experienced, well-trained data scientists and engineers in the Balkans that are ready to work remotely for your company right now. Unlike staffing agencies, we provide Data Science as a Service – talent plus the infrastructure necessary to drive lasting results.

How it works.


Tell us your needs, and we’ll match you with the best candidate(s) to build a team of any size. 85% of our placements are retained by companies for longer than one year. Need project managers or developers? We can help you hire them too.


We know that communication and culture is key. Your personal Onboarding Specialist will ensure that nuances are understood, expectations are set, and everything is on track for top performance from day one.


Your ongoing success is our highest priority. Whether that means periodic check-ins or active project management, Pelican Cement will help you design a program to optimize results over the long-run.

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